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Our Theme.

2 trumpets intermixed with open flowers for their horns with flowers behind them in an impressionistic style of acrylic paint.


This year's Cleburne Arts Festival is "Wildflowers Wanted!" Johnson County has always been known as a farming hotspot, with top-notch produce and livestock making a name for itself on a national level. Now, we're planting the seeds for a cultural movement right here in the county seat.


Texas wildflowers are a true point of pride in this state, sprouting up each spring with ease, just needing a little fertile soil and space to be themselves. That's where we come in! The Cleburne Arts Festival is striving to become the perfect breeding ground for artists to bloom and flourish. We're even getting the business community involved, creating the opportunities for artists to showcase their talents around town, to make sure they can make a living doing what they love.


Hold onto your paintbrushes, because this year we're taking things up a notch! We want to inspire and support the next generation of artists, so we're rolling out new philanthropic efforts to generate supplies and drive funding for local Fine Arts Departments, so they’ll have what they need to create. We're also introducing exciting new events to encourage young artists to participate in the festival, both as attendees and exhibitors.


Get ready, because It's time to let those creative juices flow!

Our Event Schedule.

Oops! We're not quite there yet. Soon this page will contain the hour-by-hour schedule of this event. We are still dialing in the perfect line-up of artists, musicians and refreshments, but please check back here again for the final schedule!


Got an idea of what we should add to the festival?

Our Event Maps.

Oops! We're not quite there yet. Soon this page will contain the event day maps for parking and booth information for this event. We are still confirming with all of our amazing artists, street vendors and food suppliers, but please check back here again for the final maps of the event!


Want to get on the map?

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