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Support the Johnson County Young Artists Society


Become a Volunteer

Ready to support the festival? Fill out the form below, we will send you all the info you need to volunteer at the festival and keep you up to date with festival info!

Thanks for your interest! Check your email for more information. 

Donate Money to JCYAS.

As part of our commitment to young artists, the Cleburne Arts Festival has added a philanthropy to support throughout the year. The Johnson County Arts Booster Club is set-up to fund supplies and events for students with participating school districts.

Donate Art Supplies to JCYAS.

Decluttering your art supplies? Tossing your cardboard boxes? Donate instead! Local High School Art Programs are actively seeking your surplus materials to create with.

Submit your contact information below, further instructions will be emailed to you and, if applicable, a contact from your local school will reach out!

We'll be in touch!

Bluebonnets painted on a decaying brick wall with exosed plaster. Weeds grow at the bottom of the wall into the base of the bluebonnet.

Donate Your Time to JCYAS.

Finances a little tight at the moment? No supplies to give? No problem! Join our Marketing efforts and get on our mailing list!

One of the biggest ways you can help JCYAS is by following the Social Media Accounts and sharing our posts with your friends and family! Enter your contact information below to receive a Booster Kit by email with flyers to let the town know about JCYAS and get signed up for the newsletter, so when we do need something-- you'll be the first to know!

Thanks for the support!

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