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About Our Festival

Festival Founder Tom Burkett’s effort to revitalize Downtown Cleburne has produced remarkable results, his real estate portfolio includes 10 historic commercial buildings in Downtown Cleburne that have been completely renovated under his direction. Visitors can now spend the day in one of eight downtown shops, an art gallery and a concert venue – all on the same block, Downtown East Cleburne! This block showcases this collaborative business community and consistent foot traffic proves Tom's ability to create innovative, vibrant cultural spaces.


The Cleburne Arts Festival is the next extension of Tom's vision to reinvigorate Downtown. This year’s festival will feature 10 bands, 60+ artists and 60+ street vendors, as well as food trucks, community organizations and a beer garden from new Cleburne institution, Soul Fire Brewing Company. The eight stores located in the 200 block of E. Henderson will work together to bring festival goers into each-others shops with a coordinated art activity with all the small-town charm you could ever imagine.



In its first year, the Arts Festival drew 3,000+ people into Downtown Cleburne. Indications are that in our second year we will significantly surpass previous attendance, with 150% more vendors than 2023. We have even added another music stage and another art space to accommodate the additional artists. Our festival has outgrown it's year one footprint and we have been fortunate to partner with Dillon Depot and the oldest building in Cleburne, The Church of the Holy Comforter, to give our festival-goers some more room for more activities!

Our Festival Sponsors.

The success of the Cleburne Arts Festival is only made possible through the generous support of our sponsors. We are grateful for their contributions and are proud to be associated with such esteemed organizations. Get to know the businesses and individuals that have made this year's festival possible.

Event Sponsor/ Music Production

The Cleburne Arts Festival partnered with Songbird Live Music Venue to create an unforgettable lineup of bands across genres that will have you tapping your feet and humming along, just like their exciting concert schedule. They work hard to bring this event to life with musicians on the steps of City Hall and in Songbird Live each year.

Soul Fire Brewing opened in late 2023 to rave reviews about incredible pizza, a beautifully renovated space, an unbelievable retro arcade upstairs and the best craft beers in all of DFW! Their dedication to quality products is matched only by their commitment to the Cleburne community- to sponsor this festival at such a high level is an encouraging sign to their future in this town. They are on the way to Johnson County Icon status and we're happy they've selected us as a partner on that journey.

The Cleburne Arts Festival would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the business-owners in Downtown East Cleburne. The festival is a unique opportunity to celebrate and recognize the creativity of artists in the community dreamed up by neighborhood founder Tom Burkett. The individual shops have gone above and beyond to make sure this festival is a rousing success!

Brown St. Stage Sponsor

As our festival outgrows it's original footprint, it has taken on new sponsors! We've been luck enough to add local hotspot Dillon Depot to the map this year. Dan Roberts is a community leader in Johnson County and he sure does make our Railroad Town proud! Dillon Depot is home to more model train sets and railroad memorabilia than you can imagine! This year, we've added a second stage to the festival and Dillon Depot will be leading that side of the festival with fun and lots of homemade ice cream!

Sponsorship Levels.

We appreciate your sponsorship at every budget! We work hard to get our partners the community recognition they deserve as purveyors of the arts!

Songbird Live


Naming rights to the Arts
Festival. Inclusion on all promotional materials. 12’x
12’ Building Banner , 7’x7’ Stage Banner. Work with the Downtown East Marketing Team to fully brand this space with your companies logos and this year's theme. Includes a 12' by 12' banner for the event at Festival Headquarters. Downtown East Marketing Team provides customized forward promotion campaign with 10,000+ Social Media reach leading
up to the event.

Soul Fire Brewing Co


Work with the Downtown East Marketing Team to fully brand the Food Court to include your companies branding. This includes a customized 7' by 7' banner in this extremely high traffic area of the festival and a forward promotion campaign on all Social Media regarding the area with your company logos and a reach 10,000+ followers leading up to the event.


(3 Available)

Naming rights and a 7' by 7' branded banner at one of the festival's 3 art spaces. Recognition on festival website. A customized Downtown East Marketing Team's forward promotion social media campaign campaign with your company logos and branding, shared to our social media following with a reach 10,000+ followers leading up to the event.


(8 Available)

Sponsor a Band on the steps of City Hall! A representative from your company will be able to customize Downtown East Marketing Team's forward promotion campaign on Social Media regarding the band of your choice with your company logos and reach 10,000+ followers leading up to the event, as well as branded signage in the music stage area. This also includes a 3' by 7' banner and inclusion on the festival website and t-shirt..


(10 Available)

Work with the Downtown East Marketing Team to fully brand this space with your companies logos and this year's theme. The Art Space is competitive, with portfolios reviewed prior to booking! Downtown East Marketing Team provides a forward promotion campaign regarding this space with your customization and a reach of Social Media 10,000+ followers leading up to the event and inclusion on the festival T- Shirt.

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